Flash Fiction: Figures

benchIn the distance I could only see figures; not able to make out faces or the names of the two bodies resting on each other.

Their shoulders were slumped and necks uncomfortably bent…stacked almost like a layer cake switching between boney shoulder layer with heavy head topped with boney shoulder.

I walked closer.

Curious as to what made the bodies melt into each other so precariously.


Old age?

Just death.



Welcome to the Winter Quarter with a new series of flash fiction coming your way! Brought to us by the beautiful Red of the M3 blog and Flash in the Pan

The word for this flash is FIGURES with a word limit of 75.  This flash comes in precisely at 75.

hashtag with #getpublished #flashfiction @RedmundPro

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5 Responses to Flash Fiction: Figures

  1. How about THAT? Whew.
    How long have they been there without someone noticing. Except you, that is. :-)

  2. Aww, could it be love in its final pose instead? Sort of sweet in a dark way.

    • Candied Life says:

      It could be, couldn’t it.

      Love in it’s final pose…that’s actually a beautiful thought.

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