Flash Fiction: Surboard

surfyogaPure simplicity.

Sun and waves, sand the crisp smell of salty sea water.

Early mornings were the best….

That magical moment when the sun would peak over the farthest point on the sea-lined horizon.

Laying quietly on my surfboard, appreciating the gentle give and take of the pre-dawn ocean tide.

Soaking in the birth of a new day.

Inhaling new morning air.

Exhaling renewed hope.

A new chance.

A new perspective.

A new me.


Welcome to the Winter Quarter with a new series of flash fiction coming your way! Brought to us by the beautiful Red of the M3 blog and Flash in the Pan

The word for this flash is SURFBOARD with a word limit of 75.  This flash comes in precisely at 75.

hashtag with #getpublished #flashfiction @RedmundPro

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3 Responses to Flash Fiction: Surboard

  1. lovely perspective on surfing and what it might mean.

  2. Dang. The beach, the second day in a row–beckons to me. I smell the ocean air and feel the breeze.

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