The Gift

In a not so long ago past, I was referred to, erroneously mind you, as a “cardio junky”

The details are blurry since it was irrelevant, but today, as I sat watching highlights of the first episode of the new season of The Biggest Loser, the ‘cardio junky’ reference jumped to mind.

I’m sure that most of you have watched The Biggest Loser at some point.

If you haven’t, you should.

So – the whole premise is that severely obese people learn how to respect themselves enough to take care of their physical and emotional well-being through diet, nutrition and the value of positive self-talk and self-value.

And there are a few things that perhaps set the context to my viewing of this show.

First, there is a good chance I’m just hormonal.

Second, I cry all the time lately over stupid shit.

So – I was sitting here watching the show and tears just started fall.


Because the contestants are ALL people who are killing themselves.

Many of them have kids.

And they are killing their kids, too.

And killing their kids’ chances of having lives surrounded by the parents who love them.

We are KILLING ourselves because we aren’t taking care of ourselves.

And we are not only teaching out kids bad habits, but we are PROMOTING their bad habits.

Buying shit food because we want it, and spending hours sitting on our asses with our kids ‘bonding’ teaching out kids sedated lives are OK.

Did you know, that as of NOW, this is the FIRST TIME EVER in which kids are not expected to outlive their parents?


Let me repeat that.

It is the first time EVER that statistics are suggesting that kids WILL NOT outlive their parents.

With all the magic of technology, stores filled with legit food, knowledge and access to information pertaining to healthy eating and exercise, kids are not expected to outlive their parents due to OBESITY.

We are killing our kids.


We are fat.  We eat shit. We spend way too much time sedentary engrossed in media.

We are killing ourselves.

And worse, we are teaching our kids how to kill themselves.

We are helping them kill themselves actually.

Facilitating it.

By feeding them crap and letting them spend the day staring at something.

So – how do we fix this?


Take care of yourself.

Eat better.


Every step you take is a CHOICE you are making to save yourself and save your kids.

So – am I a cardio junky?


Probably not.

But, do I work my ass off EVERY SINGLE DAY at the gym or at home.

And my kids appreciate it.


They get time at the play center.  They play tennis.  Take yoga classes. Run amok with the other kids.  Or feed their mind and creativity with books, art projects and music.

More importantly?

I can run, jump, climb and keep up with my kids.

There isn’t anything I can’t do that my kids want me to do.

I can play.

I can engage.

I can BE with them.

Watching this show was terrifying.

These people couldn’t pick their kids up from the floor because they can’t bend over and keep their balance with a baby in their arms. After 3 minutes and 30 seconds on the treadmill WALKING contestants were LITERALLY fallling down and passing out.

You can’t WALK for 3 minutes without passing out?!

THAT is a problem.

And I’m not pointing a finger.

These people are just a small representative population of the U.S.


Plus – when you are 30 and a walking time-bomb with a 7month old baby, when you die, who is really being impacted?

It sure as Hell isn’t you.

Who is gonna be your baby’s daddy?

Your kid deserves a parent.

The Gift of Health is the BEST gift you could EVER give your kids.

When you have a healthy body, you have a healthy mind.

You are free to move, and love, and exist.

When your body works, your BRAIN works.

When your body and brain are in sync, your can feed your spirit.

When you feed your spirit, you are sharing happiness, opportunity, inspiration, motivation,  and creating access to these powerful energies to other people.

When your body is broken, your spirit breaks.

Your ability to give starts to die.

Now – let’s talk HEALTHY body.

HEALTHY doesn’t mean a size 2 and 100 pounds.

Healthy means you can run a mile.  Walk 5 miles.  Do a series of push-ups.  Run in the park and fly a kite.  Go on a hike.  Swim in the pool.  Walk up the stairs of your house without being winded.

We all have a different “healthy” – and healthy IS NOT a measurement.

Health is ABILITY.

And I get it.

It’s hard.

But – in most cases, it is a CHOICE.

We CHOOSE what we put in our mouths.

We CHOOSE how we spend our time.


There are no excuses.

There is action.

And it is WORTH IT.

I am giving my family the GIFT of life with every work-out I schedule in and every broccoli puree I mix into whatever I make for dinner.

I made my kids.

It is MY JOB and MY RESPONSIBILITY to make sure that I am of healthy mind, body and spirit to help them develop and cultivate their unique centers of health.

My ability to live is my kids’ opportunity to thrive.

So – call me a “cardio junky”

I can run 32 miles…shoot, I can run even farther than that.

I can touch my toes…I can ALMOST get my leg wrapped around my neck.

I can balance…on my toes, on my arms and on my head.

I can carry my kids. I can actually carry all three kids at once

(which is hard because it is pretty hysterical)

I can fit under their bed when we make forts and play just as long as they can.

I can bend.

I can stretch.

I can think.

I can feel.

I can appreciate.

I DO appreciate.

Am I perfect?

(well…kinda…but that is another post for another day)


I still eat too much sugar.

Drink too much coffee.

And could surely afford to lost 10 pounds.

But am I healthy?


A healthy body is the Gift.

The Gift of Life.

So, watch some reality TV.

Be inspired by The Biggest Loser.

A figure out how to become one yourself.

The road isn’t easy and any ‘short-cuts’ are sell-outs to your health.

Need advice?

I’ll help as much as I can.

But – find your motivation.

Find your spirit.

Spoil yourself.

You deserve a gift.

So go out and find it.

About Dr. Candy

Living life live from the Candy Jar.
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6 Responses to The Gift

  1. Wanna come be my motivation? First I have to figure out how to get out of the pain cycle but then you can come live with me and be my motivation.

    • You my dear, are one of the exceptions. When you live with chronic pain, it is hard to make your body do things differently.

      BUT – I DO want to come and be your motivation. However, there are still things you can do. Start really small. Pick ONE thing you can change and ONLY worry about that. For example, when I NEEDED to lose weight, I started with water. I increased how much water I was drinking. And it made a difference. Then I eliminated “calories except coffee drinks” ( I will never give up coffee) – and pounds dropped. For physical, I wore a pedometer for years. Literally years. I wore it a week and figured out my average steps per day. Then I increased it by 100 steps a week until I was walking 20,000 steps a day. There were days I had to take extra long walks to make it and other days I had to walk on the treadmill before bed to hit my goal, but it worked. It was a LONG evolution, but the change worked. I also would recommend finding a “gentle yoga” or “rehabilitative yoga” class in your area. It will change your life. My mom used to suffer from pain in her hands caused by severe arthritis. Once she began her practice, it literally went away. Yoga might be a path to some pain resolution/elimination. Where in TX are you? I will talk to my yogini inspiration and see if she knows anyone in your area.

      So – start small and TRUST that making tiny changes will make huge changes in your life.

  2. Lisa Neumann says:

    I love this post. It’s strikes me, as a life coach, that (1) most people don’t know what motivates them (I didn’t either for a long, long time), (2) we question (challenge) so little of what we are taught. This is a great WAKE-Up post. Thank you!
    I don’t know you personally, but am giggling about you carrying three kids.
    from one mom to another with love, lisa

    • EVERYTHING you are saying is true. We are taught to be apathetic and unthinking…people celebrate it, so we follow those behavioral patterns. Sad state of reality. I had a student recently who was PASSIONATE about Thor…it made his eyes sparkle and his speeches come alive. We started to talk about “finding your Thor” in my classes. Maybe I need to write about that next…..

      And three-kid-carry is hyterical :-)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. BuddhaKat says:

    Your enthusiasm is contagious! And 100% I agree on starting small, whether hindered by physical or other issues. Take the stairs instead of the elevator/escalator. Shovel some snow, not to clear the walk but to have some fun. There is always something you CAN do, even if you can’t do many things!!
    thanks for the inspiration!

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